Wednesday, October 05, 2005

maybe I cast the spell...

You know what, this is really quite bizarre. I am starting to think that perhaps I cast some kind of spell...well ok before you glaze over my words and label me one of 'those' (we all know who they are)...harhar! ok sorry off topic, ok yes back, well as I was saying maybe I am a living example of be careful what you wish for.
i fell in LOVE, head over heels in LOVE with this particular beautiful man...*sigh*...he was my DESTINY...only uh...he was quite informed yet.Oh the sight of him walking sent such shivers up my spine it was all i could do but not throw myself mercilessly at this feet weeping at this great display of male glamour.
it was decided. he had to be mine. plots, strategies...oh nights of useless tears and wonderings...i finally landed myself the stud...
and gosh darnit
i do love him, don't get me wrong but he doesn't seem to understand the concept of space...he gets offended by everything...isn't confident with me...and i feel he has lost what makes him HIM because he is too scared to be him incase he loses me...THE FOOL! he won't lose me, i just want him to be comfortable and now lose himself and his individual life...i don't WANT TO BE the only good thing going for him...does anyone sympathetise?